A Simple Aikido Guide

One of the most unique martial arts in existence is Aikido. Aikido focuses on the combination of the powers of the mind and body as well as the forces of nature. The art respects the energies of life and nature and directs these energies physically by channeling them harmoniously. Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba of Japan sometime around the earlier parts of the 20th century. The art is based on circular movements as well as the talents of Morihei Ueshiba who was an extraordinary swordsman and a skilled practitioner of the martial art of Daitoryu Aiki-Jujitsu.

Aikido isn’t just a form of physical defense but rather a way of life. By defining your life through this martial art you gain better skill, dexterity, concentration and a long lasting sense of peace of mind. The art of Aikido makes the physical use of body movements as well as an internal energy known as Ki rather than focusing on the use of energy and brute strength to protect yourself from your attacker. Aikido is often seen as a form of defense since its primary aims are created in order to protect you from harm and keep you free from trouble. However the techniques of this art are quite powerful and efficient at the same time.

Primarily four basic techniques exist in the practice of Aikido. The first of these techniques is the katai technique, this one focuses on your basic body movements and breathing patterns, the second is the Yawarakai which teaches the defendant how to properly deflect attacks and how to use the power of the attacker in order to control the events that occur. The third technique is the ki-no-nagare which places an emphasis on teaching the defendant on how to protect themselves and align properly with the movements of an attacker before the attacker makes contact. Ki is the final Aikido technique and it focuses on linking the ki or spirit of the defender and the attacker.

Anyone who is training for Aikido requires a sparring partner. The practice and training in Aikido takes two people and these are the Uke and the Nage. The Uke is seen as the initiator of the attacks while the Nage is the person who defends from any incoming attacks.

Some of the basic Aikido techniques that are included in training include the Ikky which is carried out by putting one hand on the elbow and the other by the wrist. By doing this you give the defender the opportunity to wrest the attacker towards the ground. The next move is the niky and this move provides the Nage with the ability to grip the Uke by using a wristlock and drawing in. Sanky makes use of a rotating technique in order to manipulate the entire arm including the elbow and shoulder region. The Yonky is a technique for controlling the shoulders by making use of both hands in order to grip the forearm region. One other technique is the Goky which is the variant of Ikky technique.

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